Turning a 10-acre Tuart forest bush block into the home you have turned over in your head for years is no small task. Jonathan William homes provided an exceptionally professional team to navigate the complexities of conservation and fire constraints to design, build and deliver a beautiful country home for our family of five. The master builder and owner, Jonathan Athans is an honest, upfront and meticulous gentleman who was a pleasure to deal with at every step of the process. No alteration or conflict was too complex for him to deal with and he managed his talented team with kindness, efficiency and precision. This company really is a pleasure to deal with and I would recommend them over all others to deliver you a sublime end product.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Kyle and Alana Kophamel   

“We had an extremely positive experience building with Jonathan William Homes in a time where the building industry was overloaded and trades and supplies were limited. The customer service you get with JWH is exceptional. The communication between Jenna and their clients is quick and efficient. If you send an email, or give her a call, you get a prompt response! Very different to the service you get from a big builder. The personalised approach with JWH is what makes them stand out above other builders. Jonathan has a real passion for building and delivering a high-quality product. He takes the time to meet with clients, listen to their needs and works extremely hard to ensure they build a home of the highest standard. They want their clients to be happy with their build and do everything in their power to make that happen. We wouldn’t build with anyone else, I can’t recommend Jonathan William homes highly enough!”


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Kylie Green and Michael Ayton   

“Honesty, Quality, Sophistication and Detail‚Ķ
When my wife and I discussed our dream renovation of her family home which her grandparents had built in the late 50’s, the builder was our primary concern. We had the history that we wanted to preserve and the vision of a family orientated home that was open and invited natural light in. The one thing we didn’t have was a builder who could share our respect for the history and see our vision turning it into a reality. After meeting and consulting with four or five builders we were uninspired and not convinced that we could preserve history and realise our vision, that was, until by chance a friend recommended Jonathan William Homes.
When we first met Jonathan (Jono), it was early evening (because that’s the only time my wife and I were available), we were greeted politely, and it was clear that he was there to genuinely listen to us. We never felt rushed or like our ideas weren’t achievable (something we had experienced with the other builders). After a few preliminary consultations and inspections, we were presented with some drafted plans, finally our vision was being turned into a reality. We signed our building contract shortly after and so began the 10-month journey from start to finish.

Along the way Jono was extremely accommodating and worked with us if there were any issues with material supply or if we wanted to make changes along the way. One of the biggest changes that we are thrilled we made was the inclusion of an third skylight in the main living/kitchen area, and Jono supported us in making this happen.
During the construction Jono also managed his team very well and responded to any concerns we had regarding how they worked within the existing home. Jono was upfront with costing and once he made an agreement with us, he never broke it, even going as far as absorbing the cost of moving from steel to timber stud when the steel materials weren’t available within our time frame.

At the end of the 10-month building period my wife and I were amazed at the final product. Jonathan William Homes exceeded all our expectations of what a builder could provide us. He and his team took our vision and modernised our home with open plan living and abundance of natural light, all while maintaining the character and history of my wife’s family home. We are excited for our children to enjoy the updated features of a modern home while living the history of their great grandparents in an elegant and sophisticated

Thank you, Jono, Jenna and the team at Jonathan William Homes for the amazing work you have done.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Emily and JJ Schoeman    

“We were first-time builders and many people we knew, who had built a home, told us what a stressful experience it can be. Our experience was so completely different ‚Äď it was positive from start to finish thanks to Jonathan and Jenna, who made the process seem so relatively easy and we could not envision tackling such a project with a larger scale builder.

Jonathan is an absolute pro as a builder and Jenna’s guidance and perspective for my wife was invaluable. I think my wife would have been overwhelmed by having to make all the selections in the manner that project builders operate.

There are so many positive points I could list that made the project work so well but the most outstanding were …

  • Quality ‚Äď anything that needed to be over-engineered for a professional build was. I refer to the roof drainage, the steeply sloping driveway, the slabs, the air-conditioning unit and so many others. Secondly the final attention to detail to strive for ‚Äúthe perfect finish‚ÄĚ is exemplary. It is just not in Jonathan‚Äôs DNA to cut corners or settle for anything less than perfection. The home is rock solid underneath and perfect on the surface.
  • Communications ‚Äď Jonathan and Jenna kept us constantly informed and up-to-date on what was happening. This helped us to feel that everything was under control. They were extremely obliging and nothing was too much trouble to discuss or modify
  • Fairness & honesty ‚Äď during a time of very significant challenges for the industry, the project was delivered on time and we always felt our interests were being looked after

We cannot recommend Jonathan William Homes highly enough.”

     Garry and Joy Davies

“At the end of 2020, we approached Jonathan William Homes for a quote on our planned renovation/extension works at our property in Hillarys. As this was our first time attempting any kind of renovation or building project, we were quite apprehensive at beginning the process, however, after our initial conversation with Jonathan and Jenna, we immediately knew we were in right hands. They both made us feel at ease about the process and even helped us in altering our initial designs to maximise the liveability of our new space.

From our existing three bedroom, one bathroom home, we added an extension with a master suite, including generous his and her robes and a large ensuite, as well as a new family/entertainment room. We also completely re-designed the existing bathroom and laundry, adding in a separate WC and a new family bathroom. Lastly, we replaced all the existing floor and installed a new kitchen. Essentially, apart from the existing bedrooms, the entire house was renovated. Despite this feeling like a quite a daunting undertaking, Jonathan always made himself available to me to allay any concerns or to answer any questions we had about the project.

Throughout the entire process, Jonathan was always there to provide excellent advice, consistently suggesting ways in which we could maximise the quality of the final product, whilst still keeping costs down. He also came up with a number of intelligent solutions to the issues we faced in trying to tie the new extension into the old structure. Both he and Jenna always had fantastic suggestions in terms of the design and finishes to the renovation, which were very helpful, given that we were new to the renovation process. Jonathan was also very helpful in helping us to navigate the complexities of banking and council requirements associated with the build.

We decided to undertake our renovation in what was evidently a very busy period within the building industry. Even so, it was only seven months between the time that the concrete slab went down to when we moved back into our completely renovated home. Despite this quick turnaround, it was clear Jonathan clearly prided himself on the quality of his builds and holds his tradesmen to an extremely high standard. We are so proud of our new home and look forward to many years ahead sharing the new space with our family.

We would happily recommend Jonathan William Homes to anyone looking to build or renovate their home. It was a pleasure to work with both Jonathan and Jenna.”

     Aaron and Tasha Richards

“We selected Jonathan William Homes to build our new house, based on the quality of their display homes and (more importantly) their very positive attitude to helping us achieve a home to be proud of.

Jonathan is a true gentleman with an eye for detail and an enormous work ethic. He was on site just about every day of the build, and made many helpful suggestions and improvements to the design.

Jenna was immensely helpful with the interior design, fixtures and fittings, and went well beyond what was expected.

The team at Jonathan WilliamHomes delivered our new home on time and on budget ‚Äď quite an achievement in these days of Covid restrictions and shortages.¬† The build was everything we hoped it would be.

It has been a real pleasure working with Jonathan and Jenna, and we wholeheartedly recommend Jonathan William Homes.”

      Paul and Sue Fisher

Jonathan William Homes have been an absolute delight to work with. They have built our dream family home with utmost care and attention to detail.

They have helped us maximise on views, keeping the  house functional to live in while also putting our own personal touch on it.

Not only did they deliver on quality, they were able to complete the build within 6 months, despite the fact it was in the middle of a building boom. I couldn’t be happier and still feel so lucky that I get to wake up here every morning!”

      Tarryn and Hayden Bennett

“We recently used Jonathan William Himes for a major renovation. This included a brand new kitchen, living dining space, renovated bathroom, laundry and activity room. The renovation was extensive with walls being knocked out, ceilings raised, and major roofing changes.

For such a complicated project we were in awe at how smooth the build process was. Jonathan and the team regularly kept us informed at each stage, they listened to us and were able to deliver above our expectations.

The attention to detail was excellent, and all of our friends compliment us on our home whenever they visit. I would highly recommend them

      Brad and Sylvia Patterson

“We were lucky enough to purchase their display home, The Jolynne, by Jonathan William Homes, and we couldn’t be happier.

The design is so well throughout and functional. There is incredible attention to detail, you just cannot fault the quality finishes.

We would recommend building with Jonathan William Homes to anyone looking to build their dream home; you wont be disappointed

      Darren and Laura Jones

“We recently restored a 100 year old farm cottage and Jonathan William Homes was second to none in both professionalism and attention to detail.

Jono and the team did an amazing job of bringing our historic building into the 21st century, complimenting old and classic features.

We highly recommend Jonathan William Homes 

      Lachlan and Hannah

“Thankyou to the Jonathan William Team. Could not be happier with the end result. Great service, excellent designs, would not hesitate to recommend¬†this builder

      John Richard

Every single one of our homes start with a blank piece of paper. This is because we recognise that each of our clients have specific requirements and objectives when it comes to designing their dream home. Our design team firsts meet with the client to clearly understand their individual style, needs, and budget. Therein begins the exciting journey to creating their dream home.

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